About The BACCHUS Network™

AboutBACCHUS is a network of more than 8,000 student leaders and advisors who work with over four million peers on more than 330 campuses nationwide. Our Members are found on four-year public colleges and universities, private and two-year institutions, historically Black colleges and universities, predominantly Hispanic population campuses, and tribal colleges.

BACCHUS develops cutting edge tools for campuses consisting of student-friendly training programs, resource manuals, posters, and pamphlets. Currently there are 120 educational resources and training materials offered by our organization. In addition, each affiliate group receives health issue campaigns that, when used in combination, lay the foundation for a year-round prevention program:


Campaigns consist of health topic message promotion and resource manuals that contain the latest research and data, program delivery ideas, model programs, and marketing strategies.

BACCHUS supports campuses with a team of full-time professionals in the headquarters, 12 Area Consultants and 32 State Coordinators serving in professional roles on campuses, and 14 elected student leaders.

Our professional volunteers (Area Consultants and State Coordinators) provide communication and support between members, advise on new materials, organize the regional area conferences, support our program initiatives, and encourage participation in our Network. Along with our professional volunteers, our student representatives serve as resources for our Network on a regional basis. These Student Advisory Committee members serve the national office staff by forming work groups focusing on some of our primary health issue areas (sexual health, tobacco, fitness and impaired driving) and by providing feedback to our Board through the two student representatives who serve as Student Trustees.

All of our volunteers serve as our chief advisors in setting direction, creating materials, and designing training programs that address high-risk behavior of students.

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