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Advisor Corner

Group advisors come from varied professional backgrounds, usually in student affairs or public health fields. Advising peer education groups is a unique opportunity for advisors who must draw from a variety of disciplines and resources to assist the organization and to accomplish the campus' mission and goals in achieving student learning and growth. Peer education advisors must have knowledge in student and organization development, be current on health issues and effective strategies, and effectively promote the efforts of the group to the campus community in prevention efforts. With this, we offer the “Advisors Corner.”

For some, the advisor role is part of job responsibilities on campus. For others, they volunteer their time to work with the students on prevention issues. This portion of the website will aid all types of advisors with varying levels of experience.

Advisors need to guide students in the process of becoming credible educators, leaders, and role models in health and safety initiatives while allowing them to learn and grow. As professionals, we often have high standards in offering quality education programs to students. How do we build up and support our peer educators to deliver health messages that are meaningful to our campus? How do we allow for student creativity and give up some of our control in the process? How do we get students to plan in advance for programs?

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