Alcohol Response-Ability™

This educational resource is designed specifically for those students who receive a sanction because of violations in your campus alcohol policy. You now have the choice of allowing these students to go through a four-hour course entirely online, knowing they are getting credible and interactive educational programming, without taking up valuable staff time either trying to schedule people into a class or finding qualified and available staff to teach them.

Perhaps one of the strongest assets of using ALCOHOL RESPONSE-ABILITY™ is that it is written in the same student-friendly style that The BACCHUS Network™ has made its trademark for decades. Whether that is done by using clips of students talking about real issues, or by formatting questions in a way that makes the students interested in learning the answers, users will find that their course involvement, though mandatory, was actually interesting and helpful. So, not only do you know the material is educationally solid, you can also trust that it will be delivered in a way that students will relate to and understand.

ALCOHOL RSPONSE-ABILITY™ offers students a one-on-one on-line learning experience, and for today's student, the computer IS personal. The course challenges the user to be honest and open, without having friends and peers staring over his or her shoulder or comparing stories of excessive use. it offers the user a frank and realistic risk assessment, and lays it on the line - if you continue to make unhealthy decisions, you are destined to get unhealthy results. Another advantage is that by offering the course on-line, campus policy offenders are not all brought together in the same room. Their learning occurs on an honest and individual basis, their responses are personal and confidential.

As a campus judicial affairs officer, residence life staff member, or health educator, you simply need to meet with your student, hand that student an information sheet that details how to use the course, and the student does the rest. You will receive an email telling you that the student has completed the four-hour course and passed the post-test. In addition, you can customize the course to allow students to access campus information, link to local agencies, or email campus departments. You will agree this is an opportunity to really create change in this high-risk population.

ALCOHOL RESPONSE-ABILITY™ combines the best of both worlds in terms of content and technology. Award-winning education from BACCHUS laid out in a format that will get students attention.

Take a moment to read more about ALCOHOL RESPONSE-ABILITY™, an on-line alcohol education course for campus policy offenders, and then investigate ways you can have the program up and running for the next academic term. For a full complete downloadable flyer click here.