About the Alumni and Friends Program

The BACCHUS Network launched the Alumni and Friends Program at our 2003 national conference, The General Assembly, with nearly 1000 students and advisors from 200 campuses. We built a strong foundation in granting our first two annual Alumni Awards. We have since recruited more than a hundred graduating seniors and advisors to be a part of the Alumni and Friends Network.

Our mission is to connect with you and other individuals who have been a part of our organization over the years, to continue to learn from you, and to have the ability for you to share with others your experiences of being an educator. We want to know how this experience has contributed to your current life and career choices. Currently, we are compiling a database of alumni and friends members and we will use electronic newsletters, our website and an electronic threaded discussion board to keep people in touch with the current programs and initiatives of the organization.

In the future, we hope that The Alumni and Friends Program might assist current undergraduates as a networking tool for mentoring relationships, career advice, job contacts, and campus speaker opportunities. We also hope to build the program and sponsor regional invitations to conferences and social events specifically for alumni. The possibilities for this program are endless as long as there is interest and support. And because we know you have experience with offering this type of support and service, we are inviting you to be involved.

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