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On-Campus Trainings

You can now bring the BACCHUS expertise to your campus!

Looking to improve your comprehensive prevention programming and need some ideas on how to do it? BACCHUS can help!

The BACCHUS Network™ is offering staff facilitated trainings on a variety of health and safety topics for your campus. Take advantage of these affordable opportunities!

Prices for BACCHUS member campuses range from $1,000 for a half-day training or consultation to $2,500 for a day and a half training, plus travel.

For CPE Training, the cost of the training for member campuses is $2,500 for the day and a half training, plus travel. You will need to purchase a workbook for each participant ($10/workbook plus shipping and handling). The certification test and processing is $10 per person, and this cost is invoiced when you submit the CPE certification tests for scoring. Please contact Ann for scheduling or with any questions: (303) 871-0901.

For non-member prices, please contact Ann at (303) 871-0901.

Campus Site Visit and Consultation
BACCHUS will send a senior staff member on a site visit to consult with you, your chief student affairs officer, your students, your campus or community task force, and other key stakeholders to assess program strengths and suggest ways to improve prevention efforts. This structured visit will include a follow up report to assist you with future strategic planning, writing for grants, and budget development.

Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) Training for Student Life Staff
Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) has emerged as an effective tool to reduce college alcohol abuse. This training provides a brief screening tool and incorporates motivational interviewing techniques to assist student life staff in having intentional conversations with students. Participants will leave with tools for implementing SBI and resources for assisting students to consider a behavior change.

Certified Peer Educator (CPE) Training
Does the idea of brining in our national trainer to conduct BACCHUS CPE Training for your campus sound appealing? You can utilize the convenient and affordable option of having The BACCHUS Network™ come to your campus and conduct the training. A BACCHUS staff member will work with you every step of the way to plan the CPE training. The independently evaluated CPE program has increased knowledge, confidence, and skills in peer educators completing the training. For less than the cost of many national speakers who present for an hour, you can have a 12-hour training that empowers your students to commit to healthy and safe lifestyle choices.

Friends Helping Friends Training
A comprehensive, 15-hour mental health focused training designed to help train peer educators to affect change on campus related to mental health promotion. This training acts as a supplement to the already established and evaluated Certified Peer Educator (CPE) curriculum developed by The BACCHUS Network™ or as a stand-alone training program. It is important to note however that this program does not lead to certification as does the CPE curriculum. 

The training concentrates on the skills needed by all peer educators to:
• understand the basics of mental health affecting college students 
• understand mental health as a continuum 
• provide awareness on subpopulations on college campuses and how they are affected (i.e. international students, men, minority students, graduate students, veterans, LGBT students)
• make referrals of students at risk to professionals 
• conduct educational programs and events 
• increase their leadership abilities 
• increase awareness of personal mental health 
• teach stigma reduction strategies

If you are interested in having a BACCHUS national trainer include a 4-hour introduction to the Friends Helping Friends course as part of CPE Training, contact Ann at (303) 871-0901.

Promoting Tobacco Cessation on a College Campus Training
Tobacco cessation for young adults is a challenging piece of the campus tobacco control puzzle. BACCHUS staff members have expertise in developing cessation efforts on campus. A full-day training includes sections on: Assessment; empathy for addiction; Stages of Change; working with health and counseling centers; medications; cessation groups; marketing; targeted promotion; staff involvement; and national resources. Participants will leave with strategies for implementing a comprehensive cessation program on campus.

Campus Tobacco Policy Development Training
This one-day (8 hour) training utilizes the expertise of BACCHUS staff members to provide you with tobacco policy development specifics.  The training will grow participants’ abilities in all vital aspects of advocating for, constructing and implementing a strong tobacco control campus policy.  These aspects include: assessing the needs of campus, assembling a task force, building support from multiple constituencies, developing the right policy, educating on tobacco and policy, gaining support from key stakeholders, and implementing and ensuring compliance of a newly developed policy.

Campus Tobacco Policy Strategic Planning
Are you having a hard time moving from tobacco policy development theory to action? Does your campus tobacco task force feel frustrated that they cannot get buy-in to pass a tobacco free policy?  Have you already been through the “Campus Tobacco Policy Development Training”?  If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, this policy strategic planning session will help your campus.  BACCHUS staff will customize the session and work closely with your team to strategize and make concrete plans for the next six months, one year, or beyond.  Be prepared to work during this intensive one-day session!

Bystander Intervention
Have you ever observed a situation and had that feeling that something was not right but you were not sure if you should say or do something? Or you waited, hoping someone else would do something? It is a familiar situation to many – we want to help or intervene but we may not know if we should or how to help. This workshop introduces the concepts of prosocial behavior and bystander intervention to help students determine when to intervene and ways to do so. When people understand why they sometimes do not help and learn the strategies and techniques to intervene, they are more likely take action in the future.

This interactive training is designed for the general student population as well as student leaders and can be adapted to specific audiences. Those who attend this training will

The concepts and skills from the training are applicable to a range of situations: alcohol poisoning, impaired driving prevention, hazing, eating disorders, and more. This training is adapted from the University of Arizona C.A.T.S. Life Skills STEP UP! bystander intervention training for student athletes, a joint project initiative developed by the University of Arizona, NCAA, The BACCHUS Network, and APPLE Conferences.

For more information on fees and scheduling, please contact Ann Quinn-Zobeck, Director of Education and Training.