NCAAWCreate A Plan for A Safe Night Out

Heading out with friends for the night? Make a plan before you head out the door to increase the likelihood that you and your friends have a great time and make it home safely. Most college students are taking time to be sure they have a plan to get home safe each time!

Before You Leave


NCAAWWhile You’re Out


Getting Home


Alcohol Poisoning: Signs, Symptoms & What To Do

Friends take care of friends which is why we encourage you to check for these signs and symptoms that someone may be suffering from alcohol poisoning:

NCAAWIf you think someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning, call for help (RA or 911) and never leave the person alone. The most important thing you can do is to stay with the person.

If your friend is vomiting and passed out, consider using the BACCHUS Maneuver. Students from Frostburg State University created a brief video to show you how!

Stand by your decision. Stand up for your friendship. You are always doing the right thing by getting help.



Curious About Most Students?

Time and time again, the students say they want to have fun when they go and they want to get home safely! A Fall 2010 survey of over 30,000 students nationally found the following:


Want to Do More?

Some students want to increase the resources on their campus to stay safe. If you would like to create a safe ride program for your campus, the following guide and resources can help you get started.