Sexual Health

The premier site for sexual health information for college students, is a valuable and trusted resource for up to date health information and program ideas. The site includes the latest sexual health information in the news, and continues to answer key sexual health questions through “Ask the Sexpert.” is the official BACCHUS website devoted to sexual health. Here's where you'll find comprehensive information on relationships, birth control, STDs HIV, and more.

Sexual health programs are an important part of a comprehensive campus prevention program. Do you have a great idea for a new program, but you're not sure how to make it a success? Perhaps you need some fresh ideas to give your sexual health programming a boost. BACCHUS affiliates have access to great programming and implementation ideas. Go to

The BACCHUS Network™ offers two sexual health campaigns that can provide valuable programming ideas and information. The Safe Spring Break Campaign and the Sexual Responsibility Week Campaign are updated and made available to our affiliates every spring to help them plan year round efforts.

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