Tobacco Prevention and Cessation

The BACCHUS Network™ has supported tobacco control with campuses and young adults throughout our 35+ year history.  Though the health dangers associated with tobacco are still with us, the prevention field has evolved over the last decade.  BACCHUS has led the change by providing campuses with best practices, materials, and trainings to address this crucial health topic.

In 2002, we developed a comprehensive collegiate tobacco control program (STEP By STEP) that guides campuses, step-by-step, in addressing prevention, cessation, and secondhand smoke needs for all students. Developed under a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cooperative agreement, the program is based on CDC best practices and addresses the four goal areas of tobacco control.

Through our specialized grant work with college campuses in three states, BACCHUS has developed practical approaches to passing tobacco-free campus policies and promoting evidence-based cessation methods.  We now offer certification for outstanding tobacco policies.  To learn more about our “Diamond Standard,” click here. is the official BACCHUS website devoted to tobacco control with college and university campuses and young adults. You will find information about types of tobacco, policy change, data collection and evaluation, and sample campus and community programs.

The 18-24 year old age group continues to have the highest smoking rate among all adults. We know that some students begin using tobacco in college and that most students who smoke want to quit before they graduate. In addition, this age group is heavily targeted by the tobacco industry with promotions, new products, and marketing blitzes.  Tobacco companies have also been known to approach campus organizations for sponsorship opportunities. Unfortunately, tobacco education and control is not always a focus for campus health education. For more facts about tobacco use, click here.

Tobacco control and education programs are an important part of a comprehensive campus prevention program. Many campuses hold a Great American Smokeout program in November, while others will focus on spit tobacco during the Through with Chew Week in February.

Do you have a great idea for a new program, but you're not sure how to make it a success? Perhaps you need some fresh ideas to give your tobacco control programming and policy work a boost? For great tobacco control education and policy ideas, click here.

The BACCHUS Network™ offers a Collegiate Tobacco Control Programming Manual each fall to its affiliates to help them implement tobacco control best practices on campus. BACCHUS affiliates receive this campaign kit at no cost. To affiliate with BACCHUS, click here.

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